Select your Mulch AND Delivery for your order to complete



We will try to deliver your order in seven business days. If your town is not listed please call us at 207-725-1438 to find out if delivery is possible.  Please have the delivery spot marked with a tarp or stake for the driver.  Our trucks do not go off hard surfaces and it is driver discretion at the time of delivery if it can be dumped where you would like it.  We will call the phone number provided if we have questions.

Our delivery costs are per product. So if you would like two different products delivered then you would select two deliveries. If you would like them mixed together, then that can be one delivery.

Pickup is also an option (a typical pickup (Ford F150, etc.) will hold approximately 1 yard of mulch.  A small pickup (Toyota Tacoma, etc.) will hold .5 yards.